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I Don’t Like Vlogging

November 5, 2012

I’ve decided to stop the vlogging and just write down what I’ve been doing and going through as I go to the gym, eat healthier and handle every day life.  I think the videos are bringing me down.

I’m a writer at heart and this is just more natural to me.  Last week, I went to the gym 3 times and did cardio for 20 minutes on an elliptical machine.  I find the elliptical allows me to go faster because there’s no impact on my knees and ankles.  I can get my heart rate up and break a sweat but I haven’t yet built up an endurance.  I also did crunches.  I showered and left.  That was my first week.  I tried to stop smoking, and I’ve cut back considerably, but I have not stopped altogether yet.

Today, I went to the gym after doing some cleaning.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and more crunches.  My Aunt and Uncle are coming for a visit on Wednesday.  They are on a cross-country trip seeing things they’ve always wanted to see.  I will be able to fit in my 3 days at the gym and still be available to take them to Seattle to see the Chihuly glass exhibit and the Space Needle as well as Pike Place Market.  I look forward to their visit, as it also lights a fire under my ass to clean.  I hate to clean, I do it because I can’t stand a dirty house, but I hate it.

I decided 3 days a week at the gym, gradually working up to 50 minutes on the elliptical and crunches are enough for this month.  I must be diligent in quitting smoking, the less I smoke, the better I do at my cardio. I can already breathe more deeply.  Baby steps.  I think I can be completely cigarette-free by Thanksgiving.

Happy voting everyone!  Please vote, you do make a difference!

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