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One of the Best Days of my Life

March 1, 2012

I was about 8 when I was living with my dad and step-mother on Hunter’s Pointe in Norfolk, VA when a huge blizzard came through leaving huge drifts like sand dunes.  I woke up, looked outside and got dressed, flew down the stairs and out the front door.  I stepped out from the eaves of our front porch and the snow was up to my mid thigh.  I decided to walk the distance between my home and the next house over because it’s front yard had a hill perfect for looking down the tree lined street before it curved away to end at the Chesapeake Bay.

As I turned around and stood listening at the most profound silence around me I began to hear the distinctly loud tinkle of the ice covered branches as they began to melt and crack as the sun came in all around them.  I saw my neighborhood had been turned into such a thing of beauty and I realized that I would remember this day for the rest of my life, that this was my memory and no one could ever take it away from me.

At around 4,I was done for the day. I was bone weary from sledding and sliding, running and jumping into huge drifts of snow, making snow forts and throwing snow balls and being hit by snow balls too many to count.  I climbed my front porch and looked back at my neighborhood where the snow plows had come in and the walkways and driveways had been cleared.  I saw the branches were no longer frozen and the once pristine, white snow was now reduced to grey and black smudges, melting in the sun.  I shed my clothes and peeled the wet layers from my body, and took a hot shower then fell asleep on my bed still wrapped in my towel.  My dad came in and covered me up.  I woke up late in the night and I was ravenous.  I hadn’t eaten all day.

I crept downstairs and I could see the TV flashing it’s colors and I saw my dad was still up.  He made me the BEST steak sandwich I’ve ever eaten to this day and it was cold steak on white bread with mayo.  My dad then announced he was going to bed and that I could watch whatever I wanted.  I turned to the set and a movie was just coming on, it was Saturday Night Fever, rated “R” and everything!  It was just me and this amazing movie where John Travolta became a true superstar.  I couldn’t believe how he could dance.

It was one of the best days of my life.

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