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At Last

February 24, 2012

I have spent a long time thinking, visualizing and planning my weight loss program.  It’s been a process of procrastination and diversions.  I’ve painted 3 rooms in my home, redone the laundry/bathroom, shampooed my carpets and reorganized everything short of the garage.  I threw my son a party last weekend for his fifth birthday and now there is simply nothing else I can possibly do to avoid putting Project Me off any longer.

Today is Day One and I am so relieved that I have made the first step, that I have actually put my plan in motion and started.  I have confidence that I can do this and make it work, keep it off for the rest of my life and finally move on.  I have spent years agonizing over my weight, losing weight only to gain it back.  I’ve looked in the mirror to find someone I don’t recognize too many times in my life. I’ve never had an actual plan for after I lose the weight and I believe that is where my newfound confidence lies.  I will have to take care of this body and be ever persistent in being aware of how it feels to be in it.  No longer will my thoughts become a physical manifestation of who I am.  My thoughts have changed on the subject and I don’t find it to be a hopeless endeavor anymore and I have quit blaming myself for my past failures.  I must remain constant when the inevitable happens and I make a mistake and just keep going.  I will think of my many successes I’ve had in the past at losing weight and how I felt when I was fit and thinner.  I was less tired and much happier and I carried myself differently without all the extra weight.

So here’s to Day One of my journey.  I’m absolutely thrilled to have Day Two to look forward to.  This time it’s for me. 

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