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Method To My Madness

December 11, 2011

For the last 4 weeks I have actually enjoyed doing a small renovation on my laundry/bathroom. I also painted my son’s playroom, finally accomplishing having every room in the house painted. This was frustrating and fun and I found it extremely empowering.

I have adult ADD. After being on the medication for 6 months I feel like I can focus and bring my plans to fruition, so having been successful at this small home improvement endeavor has me quite happy.

I began by picking out the flooring and on the cheap, so I headed out of Home Depot with an entire 12’x8′ roll of sheet vinyl, adhesive, paint, a trowel, etc. and went home ready to begin. I dismantled the sink, removed the toilet, and washer/dryer and all the trim. I painted the walls and trim, and began my hunt for a sink top and cabinet.

That was a crazy lesson in planning ahead. I hated the first sink top I purchased and took it back when I found that the cabinet I bought wouldn’t work with the plumbing in the back. SO both went back and I found a quartz sink top and a faucet. Jake found a cabinet at Home Depot that worked and looked great so off we went.

Jake helped with the floor and we rented a 100 pound roller, rolling the floor for almost 2 hours! We used too much glue but didn’t know better. Next everything came back in. Trim, appliances, toilet and we mounted the new sink. We glued the sink top to the cabinet and set the side and back splash, caulked and installed the plumbing. I even made curtains.

It took about 3 weeks then I let loose on the second biggest room in the house, painted it in 2 days and took a rest. I believe my next project will be me.

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