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Role Play

October 17, 2011

My starring Lead roles are as Wife and Mother. It’s funny how I came into these roles late in life, becoming Wife at 33, and Mother at 36. I have had walk on parts as Girlfriend (it’s a lot like Mother, I’ve found) and some Cameos as well such as Daughter-in-law, Granddaughter, Friend and Lover. Of course I have some wonderful Supporting Roles as Daughter, Sister, Step-daughter, Best Friend, and Sister-in-law.

I always knew I would wait to marry and that I would only have one child. I don’t know how I knew this information, it is just the same as knowing I was carrying a boy long before the ultrasound confirmed it. It’s like how I seemed to know exactly when and how to move away from Virginia to San Francisco. I just knew it was right, that I was right in doing what I was doing. Is it just instinct? Maybe. I don’t know the answers to that or to many things, and this I tell my son all of the time.

Being a Mother is not something I ever took lightly, nor did I believe that having a child would define me as a Woman and I didn’t WANT it to define me. There are so many things I want to teach my son, to show him who I am and what I believe in. I never want to stay a Housewife and teach my son that that is all there is to me. I want him to know my fierce independence, my sense of pride from a job well done, my work ethic, my values and morals. So, I have begun looking inward ever inward to what I excel at personally and what really matters to me out in the world. I have decided to go into the Human Services field, probably to start out as an assistant at a Drug Treatment Center, or a halfway house, working with abused children perhaps or the homeless. It doesn’t matter where I help, I just want to help and I am good at it. This is what I want my son to know, that his Mother helps and tries to make a difference in her own life as well as in the life of others.

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